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Use Facebook like an Excel Spreadsheet using this simple trick

This is for all Facebook lovers, you’ve got a good news. Are you in your office and feeling bad that you can’t check your Facebook (Facebook login)? Worried about your boss peep in? Then this is for you, lets you check your Facebook feeds and updates without worrying about anyone seeing you using Facebook, moreover, all of them thinks that you’re so hardworking… *winks*. gives you a nifty Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet which gives you all feeds and updates from your Facebook account. All you have to do is to click here and go to and click on “Gimme dem spreadsheets!” and facebook login with your Facebook username and password. Click “Allow” when prompted and you will be redirected to an Excel spreadsheet, showing you the latest News feeds, Tagged photos and your wall. You can also search for friends by typing at the Formula Bar. Another interesting thing about is that you can switch to an Excel sheet with numbers and calculations by pressing on the Spacebar on your keyboard!!! I’m sure you know why you would need this..! Once you are done, click “Clos” (red color cross) and you will be logged out from Facebook.

Noticed that few things are missing, I couldn’t reply to comments or post any comments. Also, it doesn’t show a full sized photos.

Well, I don’t encourage anyone using Facebook or any other social media during working hours, but hey, when you’re bored and you think that taking a small break would boost your energy, you can go to and check out what your friends are upto and get back to work again…

Tell me what do you think about this, post your comments below. I can imagine all of you on ‘Excel spreadsheet’ from now on *winks*.

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