Google’s new Multi-Search Engine- What do you love?

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This is interesting, Google has just released a new website, which is a search engine, named “What do you love?” which can be accessed via I’ve no clue what Google is trying to do with this new website, though I find it interesting, because WDYL shows results from various Google’s services such as Google Search, YouTube, News, Picassa, Books, Groups, Maps, Mobile and so much more, in one single page! Awesome, right?

Well, I did a search on dance, as always, I love dance. I browsed through the results. Results from Picassa and image search shows me beautiful dance imagesa and I can create an album from right here, Belly dance on YouTube, search results from dance blogs, can even set alerts on dance and it also shows nearby places where they have some belly dance performances!

As we know, Google has various services span across the web and I assume that Google is trying to connect those disconnected services to one single place by bringing it all together through, making it much easier for a user to find things they love.This could also be an attemt to push Google’s various services to users who may not have already known about it. Google says that, “This is an experiment we’ve been playing with, and we hope users will play with it too and let us know what they think.” We have no clue about the future of this product, but this is interesting and you should try this out.

What do you think about “What do you love?” by Google? Do you think this is going to help you in anyway?