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TeraCopy – Copy Files Faster and Easily Manage File Transfer Activities on Windows


Copying large files on your Windows computer can be really difficult sometimes. Imagine you start copying large amounts of data through your network or from an external hard disk and wants to do some other hard disk intensive task while the files are being copied. Usually your PC will just freeze. That’s where TeraCopy comes handy. TeraCopy, a free utility for Windows developed by CodeSector allows you to manage file transfer activities. You can now pause a file transfer to perform some other tasks and resume the file transfer later on and also can transfer files much faster than the usual Windows file transfer methods.

Getting TeraCopy for your PC

You can download TeraCopy from here. Scan the downloaded executable (EXE) file with an anti-virus program before opening it. Follow the on-screen instructions and install TeraCopy. Installation may take about 2-3 minutes on most computers.

TeraCopy, Copy files easily

Using TeraCopy

You can run TeraCopy in few ways:

Method 1:

Select all the files you wish to copy / move | Right Click | Select TeraCopy | Click on the “Select Target folder” | Browse the target location to copy / move the files | Click OK.

Method 2:

Look for TeraCopy from the Program List | Open the application

Drag & Drop the files you want to copy / move to | Click on the “Select Target folder” | Browse the target location.

Additional Options / Features

Error Recovery:

In case if there is an error while you’re copying or moving files using TeraCopy, it tries several times to recover and resume. In worst case, the application just skip the particular file that creates error and proceeds with file transfer without terminating the whole process.

List of Failed Files:

TeraCopy shows all the failed file transfers and allows you to fix the problem and copy the files again.

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