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Protect your Facebook posts by, even from Facebook

The following article talks about Privacy on Facebook and Facebook app to protect your privacy:

As our lives spin around Facebook like social media, we tend to forget about the importance of protecting our valuable personal data online. We know that Facebook provides various sets of privacy settings to protect our data posted on Facebook. But do you know that there are still huge amount of data that Facebook’s privacy settings don’t allow us to block from people we don’t wish to disclose it to? Do you know that you share your valuable data with many applications and games you play on Facebook? Have you ever wondered how Facebook app and games like Mafia Wars, Restaurant City and your favourite Farmville, etc. protect your data? If yes, could be one of the applications that you can use to protect your Facebook data. is a Facebook app developed by, whose main idea is to create “…a private network on Facebook”- says the CEO of uProtect work like this: You install a plugin to your Internet Browser or create a bookmarklet and setup an account on using your email address. Then log into your Facebook, you can see a tool bar appearing on top of the browser. As usual, post a message and choose which friend(s) can see your post. What does is to re-post your message by encrypting the original message. The message appears like “Aneesh made a protected post” followed by a link. If you are allowed to view that message and have installed, you can read the post by clicking on the link. You can turn the plugin OFF and ON anytime you wish to. Even Facebook can’t read this message, but only the friend(s) you’ve specified. also let’s you create a private group on Facebook, sharing encrypted messages. It also helps to monitor all your messages from dashboard and let’s you set an expiration date for every message you post. The message will be automatically deleted from Facebook according to your expiration settings. It also let’s you manage all the Facebook app you currently use.

According to the CEO of, “Putin and Obama could have a conversation there and nobody but the two of them could know what they’re saying.”, so it’s that strongly protected. is free unlike many of their other privacy protection products. I’ve noticed some problems with, such as a slaggish Facebook. Sometimes your friends might see the link and hesitate to click on it, thinking it could be a malware. I’ve also noticed that Facebookgives a malware warning when you sign in because of could be a fancy step to protecting our privacy and God knows how long this is going to be around. Yet, it’s interesting to see these kinds of tools. Another big question could be that how are we going to trust, if we can’t trust even Facebook? All the messages are stored on servers and the company claims that they’ve no other intention than helping to create a “…delete button for the Internet” and gives the user more power.

What do you think of Do you think that this is really going to help you protect your Facebook posts or it’s too much of a headache to encrypt and decrypt your Facebook posts? Tell me about it in the comment section below.?