iOS 5- Notification center, enhanced camera and more

iOS 5 is almost here, it’s going to be the best mobile OS ever developed, bringing whole loads of new features and enhancements!! I’m indeed excited about this.

This update supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Gen, iPad and iPad 2.

I just watched the introduction video on and it’s really really awesome. Let’s have a look at all the new features:

  • First and best of all is the Notification Center, which brings all the notification, including emails, messages, missed calls, calendar, to-do and more is shown right at the top of the screen! You could be playing a game or reading a book or whatever, just swipe down the top bar and it reveals all the notifications right there, without exiting from your game or other apps! Swipe on any of the notification and it takes you to that app! Not enough? Well, iOS 5 brings all the notifications on your locked screen as well and by simply swiping on it brings you directly to that app.
  • News Stand: This is so much like iBook, bringing all your news and magazine subscriptions to a single place. It automatically updates and has a wonderful interface!
  • Reminder app: I’ve always wondered why iOS never had its own reminder app, other than the calendar. Well, iOS 5 brings that now, a Reminder app.
  • Twitter integration with iOS 5: Now you can directly tweet across iOS 5, be it from your photo albums, safari, YouTube, Maps, etc., just click on it and you can see a Tweet button. You can tweet that right from there, and can even add your location just by clicking on a button and it detects your current location and add directly into tweets.
  • Safari enhancements: Tab browsing is made easy and can drag and drop your tabs to first tab or anywhere else. With iOS 5, you can add articles or a web page to Read later list by adding into ‘Add to Reading List’. The great thing about this is that it syncs across all your iOS devices automatically.
  • Camera: Ever missed a precious moment because you couldn’t get your iOS camera immediately? Well, iOS 5 makes it easy by adding a camera button directly beside the unlock bar on the screen and it takes you to Camera in seconds. The volume Up button can be used to take pictures. iOS 5 has also added photo editing features into Camera app.
  • Mail enhancements: This is something I really needed, but not enough yet, I feel. iOS 5 has added some rich text editing, such as Bold, Italics, Underline. Just select the word or words you want to edit and you can make it bold, italics or underline it right from there. It has an awesome keyboard, the keyboard can be split making it so easy to type! I think this is only for iPad.
  • AirPlay Mirroring: Everything on iPad2 can now be shown on your wide screen TV without cable. Be it Safari, Games, Photos, videos and more can now be shown on TV by AirPlay.
  • Game center: I’m not a game person, but this sounds cool. iOS 5 has added editing your Game center friends, adding photos to profile, purchasing games right from game center, finding your friends on game center and more.
  • iMessage: This is wonderful, works both on WiFi and 3G, and let’s you send messages, photos, videos to any iOS users. I think this is so much like WhatsApp, eBuddy messages and apps like that.
  • Syncing: You now don’t need a computer to register, backup or update your iOS devices, everything can be done directly without a cable. Everything is synced over-the-air. You don’t have to download the huge size of iOS update files anymore, iOS 5 can be automatically updated over-the-air and it only downloads the changes files.
  • iCloud is going to affect the way iOS 5 works greatly. So we shall wait and see how much more cool stuffs are yet to be come.
  • iOS 5 will be shipped in few more weeks and I’m so excited!


What do you think about iOS 5 and its new features? Any other features you really wished included in iOS 5? Share with us in the comments area.

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