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Accessing Hotmail or Windows Live Mail from your Outlook 2010

I recently installed Microsoft Office 2010 and wanted to access my Hotmail account using Outlook. The following article tells your I configured Hotmail/ Windows Live Mail account on Outlook 2010.

Previous versions of Outlook lets you connect to your Hotmail accounts using the following ways:

HTTP connection (a.k.a DAV connection), which connects to the mailbox syncing only the Inbox. This does not allow accessing your Contacts, Calender, etc.

Outlook Connector, which obviously provided richer experience to the user such as accessing Hotmail Inbox, Contacts, Calender and most of the things that you access through Hotmail or Windows Live Mail. Outlook 2010 uses Outlook Connector method to access Hotmail from Outlook.

In oder to connect your Hotmail/ Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010, you need to install the latest Outlook Connector, which is OLC 14. Please note that OLC 14 is still under the technical preview mode. From my experience with it for the past one month, it works absolutely fine! Outlook 2010 is able to determine if you are using an older version of OLC, and it prompts you to upgrade. You can follow the steps below to get things started.

Create a new email profile (Do this if you already have an emails configured with Outlook 2010 and you need your Hotmail/ WLM email to be separate)

To create new profile, Open Control Panel >> Mail. (If you can’t find Mail, ensure you switch Control Panel view to Classic View)

Follow the instructions and create a new profile.

Click on Email Account in the Add New Account dialogue box.

Type your details as [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected], etc and provide password.

If OLC 14 is not installed, Outlook 2010 will prompt you to download and install OLC 14. Follow the instructions in the window.

There you go, you have your Hotmail or Windows Live Mail account in your Outlook 2010.

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