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myPhoneDesktop- iPhone on your Desktop

myPhoneDesktop- makes it easier to access your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod from your Desktop or Laptop computer. It lets you type long SMS, URLs or Emails or even make calls or do a Google search on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod directly from a Desktop or Laptop. Imagine you are reading a long article on your computer and you want to access that from your mobile device. What most of us usually do is that to email the URL of the article or the entire text itself from our computer and access it from the email configured on iPhone. Do we really have to go through all these hassle and waste time? Not anymore, with myPhoneDesktop you can instantly send long URLs or SMS or emails or an article from your computer to your phone via 3G or WIFI.

For a person like me who constantly transfer data to and from iPhone and computer, myPhoneDesktop is an easier and less time consuming solution: I can now transfer long text messages or notes or emails, copy and send long URLs, save images from computer and send to my iPhone- all with few clicks! myPhoneDesktop has a beautiful desktop client that connects to the iPhone and transfers data immediately through secure servers (you can chose from HTTP or HTTPS), and the data is immediately erased from their servers.

myPhoneDesktop uses iPhone’s Push notification feature to send data from your computer to the iDevices. As such, you receives the data even if the myPhoneDesktop iPhone application is not running. myPhoneDesktop iPhone app cost S$ 4.99 and can be downloaded from AppStore.


  • Send long texts, SMSs, emails, notes, make calls, URLs or images to your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod
  • Works over 3G or WIFI
  • Uses Push notifications to send data to iDevices, so that you don’t have to run myPhoneDesktop app all the time
  • You can send data using a very easy to use Web Client or Desktop client which can be freely downloaded from
  • iOS4 support, backgroud running, so that you don’t lose your data even if you have to attend a call during the transfer or editing

My Take:

It is indeed a great application for everyone who transfers a lot of data between computer and your iDevices. It does not really take full control of your iDevices as the developer claims, though it helps you perform many of your common tasks in very easy and less time consuming way. It has a very easy to use Web Client, which I really fancy a lot. I don’t really use the Desktop client, Web Client is easy and you can use it from anywhere and from any computer. I usually read a lot of articles on my phone while in train or bus, and myPhoneDesktop help me get those long URLs on my phone just so easily! The data is sent to the phone immediately, I did not face any delay for the past two months of my usage. I really hope they will have more integration with other applications on iPhone, such as Google voice search and TinyURL support for those who Tweet.


Step 1: Go to AppStore and download myPhoneDesktop iPhone app. Alternatively you can click here to download.

Step 2: Setup your profile once you finish installing the iPhone application. The setup would hardly take 2 – 3 minutes.

Step 3: Go to your browser on your computer and type and click on Web Client icon which appears at the bottom right corner. You can also choose to download a Desktop client.

Step 4: Log in using your registered username and password on either the Web Client or the Desktop Client.

Step 5: Start sending your texts, images, URLs, SMSs or make calls on your iPhone from the computer and much more..!

Privacy Policy:

“Your Data is Protected. MyPhoneDesktop encrypts all data on your system and then sends it to MyPhoneDesktop over an encrypted connection to ensure your data is secure.”- from Click here to read more.


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