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IMO instant messenger application for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Instant Messaging apps have become part and parcel of our daily life. Social networking sites and applications are a streamlined solution for keeping in touch with our friends and loved ones. I’ve used numerous IM applications on my iPhone, stands out from all of those. is a web based IM service like eBuddy where you can send instant messages to your friends on MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM/ ICQ, Yahoo, Skype, Facebook Chat, Jabber and MySpace IM. released a light weight, cool iPhone, iPad and iPod application with a clean interface which supports all of those IM services. What makes imo stands out from hundreds of other IM applications on the AppStore? Let’s look at the features and draw backs of imo iPhone/ iPad/ iPod app.


  • No registration required. You can use your existing IM services with MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk or any other services mentioned above to sign in, it’s that easy to set up imo.
  • imo loads on iPhone so fast, compared to any other IM applications I’ve used this far!
  • Linking of various IM services. Let’s say you have MSN, GoogleTalk, Facebook and AIM accounts (or more). imo let’s you link all these services, requiring you to sign into any one of the accounts and you will be automatically logged into all the other linked IM services. You don’t need to log in to each accounts separately, it saves a lot of time! For a person like me who always forgets password, things are much easier now.
  • You can create custom groups and group friends accordingly. You can also flag your friends as Favorites like how you add friends in Favorites group in MSN messenger.
  • imo has a built in browser, which let you browse the links that are exchanged via imo chat.
  • imo stores all your chat history which can be accessed both from phone and web service. This can be very useful for everyone who uses imo iPhone/ iPad/ iPod app or the web service. Searching for chat history is made so easy!
  • It shows a display picture of the user, email address and their status message. You can also block or delete user from the phone application.
  • And all of the above features comes FREE!

Draw backs:

  • imo uses push notification only for 72 hours maximum. I don’t know why is it so. You will have to re-log in to imo after 72 hours of inactivity. The good thing is that imo sends you a push notification when it disconnects.
  • There is minor connectivity issues sometimes. It may take a while before you can get connected to imo servers.
  • imo sometimes keep prompting you to add a new users even after you add that person once or twice, it can be annoying at times.

Bottom line:

If you are a constant IM user and looking for a light weight, fast loading IM app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you should try imo. Its free and much better than many other free IM apps on AppStore. It clearely shows details of your IM contact with their contact picture and email address. This is very useful for people like me who can have many people on the contact list and don’t know who is who. I will give 4 out of 5 for imo. You can get your copy of imo here.

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