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Viber- Make calls for free from your iPhone

Viber– one of the pretty cool VoIP calling apps for iPhone. Viber lets you make free calls to other phones with Viber installed. Currently Viber supports only iPhone, though Android and BlackBerry versions are on its way soon.


  • It works with both 3G and WIFI, so you don’t have to worry looking out for only WIFI spots, but you can make calls anywhere like any normal phone call.
  • It allows free calls domestically and internationally. You really don’t have to worry about your location, forget about roaming charges, Viber works as long as you are connected to Internet. But please don’t forget, ensure that you are using WIFI when you are in roaming, if not a hefty bill will be awaiting for you when you are back home.
  • It reads your address book making it easier to know who already has Viber installed. Viber places a “Viber” icon aside your friend’s number.
  • It sends you push notification when someone in your address book installs Viber.
  • No hassle of registration, it identifies you with your phone number.
  • And it’s free!

Draw back:

  • Lack of clarity in voice when used in 3G, if you are impatient, it can irritate your hell out and rather stick to your normal phone call. The new update of the app has put an icon showing the strength of network, though it doesn’t seem to work well.

It is still worth trying out, its free anyway!

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