Skip to content send texts and images to and from anyone with or without an iPhone Its another instant messaging app for iPhone. But there is something very special about that it allows you to send and receive messages to anyone even if they don’t have an iPhone. All it needs is a browser and an Internet connection, the messages are sent via Internet like any other IM apps and is delivered to the iPhone. The amazing part is that allows you to continue your conversation from a computer simply by logging into You can see all your chat history and current chat from where you left on your iPhone.

There are 100s or IM apps out there, but why do you need There are several reasons, may be you only have an iPod Touch and don’t have a phone number, or you message your friends very often (like me, I used to send at least 1500-1800 SMS a month and get hefty bills), or you travel frequently and don’t want to worry about roaming charges for your SMS or you have a family or loved ones back somewhere else who doesn’t own an iPhone but has a computer with Internet connection. Then is one of the best solutions for you.

Using is as easy as sending an SMS on your phone. Launch the app and click on the white color arrow at the top right corner, enter the nickname/ username of your friend and compose and hit blue color arrow below the message. The message is instantly sent and a pop up appears on the recipient’s phone as long as there is push notification enabled. Similarly, anyone can send a message to you, even if they don’t have an iPhone. Give out your unique URL- and ask your friend to type that in ¬†any of their browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc or a mobile browser on whichever the phone they use. All they need to provide is a random nick name and compose a message, click PUSH. The message will be instantly delivered to your iPhone! I use this app to communicate with my friends in various countries, most of them don’t use iPhone at all!


  • It has an amazingly clean and uncluttered layout and interface.
  • You can send or receive instant messages or images to and from an iPhone or any browser for free.
  • You can instantly communicate with friends with or without iPhone.
  • Registration is so simple, just provide a user name and password, you are ready to go.
  • No registration is required if your friend wants to send you messages from a browser.

My Take:

I love this application. I’ve been using it since the release of it in 2009. I mainly use it to communicate with people who doesn’t have an iPhone and because of its ability to continue the conversation on my Laptop once I’m back home. All it needs is to go to and log in. I can see my conversation and all the chat history from web. I can continue to chat from my computer and also from iPhone. iPhone and browser is always in sync. No messages are missed! The app used to cost S$2.99 in the past, but now its sold free. I recommend you to try this.