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Downloading Language Specific Dictionaries on iOS 7

You may have noticed that Dictionary in iOS 7 has been completely changed. Unlike in the previous versions of iOS, now when you tap on a word and tap “Define”, sometimes you may not see any result for the word at all. This is because, in iOS 7, you have an option to download language specific dictionaries. The supported languages are: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Simplified Chinese-English, Korean, Korean-English, Japanese, Japanese-English, Italian, German, French and Dutch.

Built-in Dictionary in iOS 6:

Adding Language Specific Dictionary in iOS 7

Follow the steps below to add a dictionary in iOS 7.

– Tap on a word | Tap on “Define”
– In the Dictionary window, Tap on Manage | Tap on the Download icons appearing against each languages.
– If you do not need any of the dictionaries already added, Tap on the X sign to remove.