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Photosynth- create 3D images with your iPhone camera

Microsoft just released an iPhone app for its already amazing technology- Photosynth! It’s really cool and fun to create 3D panoramas using Photosynth iPhone app. Photosynth app allows you to take a series of images and create a 3D panoramic view, exactly like the images we see in Google 3D maps! I feel that Microsoft has done a great job by releasing such a wonderful app for iPhone.

Photosynth uses advanced image stitching technology and they are amazingly accurate. It has some cool interactive features that guide through every step. By making use of the gyroscope in iPhone, Photosynth continuously captures images, giving you audible and visual cues. Once you finish taking all the images, simply click on Finish button and the app begins to stitch all of those images and create stunning 3D panorama. Enabling the exposure under settings (inside Photosynth app itself) helps to minimize the banding that can occur while stitching multiple images.

Stitching of all the images to make a 3D view takes only few seconds and is all done on the iPhone itself- which means you can even capture beautiful images in Airplane mode as well. The images taken by Photosynth are automatically saved into Photo album (Camera roll) in iPhone, and can also be shared via Facebook, or you can also publish on to Bing Maps.

You can either choose to sign in to Photosynth app using your Windows Live ID or can also use it without signing in. I noticed that the app crashed many times after I used my Windows Live ID to sign in. But it work absolutely fine if I choose not to sign in! I assume that there is some issue with the part where the app is trying to link with Windows Live. Despite these few quirks, Photosynth is a very cool and fun app to create 3D panoramas. °

Photosynth currently supports iOS4 devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch- 4th generation and iPad 2. Photosynth iPhone app can be downloaded free from AppStore or by clicking here.

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