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Let’s colour our Word documents

I always thought we could only use the limited few colours found in Text Highlight Color command for colour coding Microsoft Word documents. I recently learned through a Microsoft Blog post that we can make use of Shading to colour code our documents!


Shading option in Microsoft Word can be found in the Ribbon titled “Paragraph” (Home tab >> Paragraph group). Shading gives us a beautiful palette of hues, which can be used to colour code documents with any colour of our choice. All we need to do is to select the text that we need to colour and chose the desired colour from the palette, from the Ribbon. (Check out the screenshots below.

Text Highlight Color and Shading commands:

Do you know that we can use this Shading feature to create custom styels in Word as well. These custom styles can make our document creation much much easier! Following is a guide to create a custom style making use of Shading feature.

Type the letters you like to style >> Select the font and color >> Click on Shading >> Click More arrow in Styles group from Ribbon and click “Save Selection as a New Quick Style”

Done! You can use this custom style throughout the document to have a consistant Heading, or in other documents as well! You can create such custom styles for Headings, body text, etc.

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