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Google+ Tips- Create Your Status Messages in Bold, Italics, Strike Through

Do you use Google+? Trying to find ways to format your texts when you post a status or reply to someone’s status? Try the following:

  • To bold your sentence, type it inside two asterisks, like this, ” *wow, absolutely true!* “
  • To italicize your sentence, type it inside two underscores, like this, ” _This is awesome!_ “
  • Want to strike through a sentence, try this: ” -Let’s strike this off- “

(Note: Please remove the quotes)

Note: When you post messages as shown above, Google+ automatically strip off the **, _ _ and – – and format the texts inside it.

Let’s see how it looks like in Google+:

If you’re still not using Google+, you should start right now, be part of the next big thing in Social Media.

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