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Learn About Facebook’s Organ Donor Feature

Facebook has just added a new feature called Organ Donor to its already popular Timeline. With the Organ Donor feature, users can share the organ donor status in their Facebook Timeline with friends. As of now the feature is only available in some countries like the US. If you still cannot see the Organ Donor feature, you may still have to wait till Facebook rolls out to your country.

How to Add Organ Donor Status in Timeline

You can add the Organ donor status to your Timeline following the simple steps below:

1: In your Facebook profile page, click on Life Event appearing at the top of your Timeline
2: Select Health & Wellness and Select Organ Donor
3: Select who you like to share this status with and click Save.

According to Facebook, the reason for adding the Organ Donor feature in the Timeline is to either to state your intention to become a donor or to share your story about when, where or why you decided to become a donor if you’ve already donated your organ to someone. As Facebook states, there are more than 114,000 people in the US alone waiting for a heart, kidney or liver transplant and this feature could help in saving one of your friends who may be already in need. Facebook has also provided a list of appropriate registries in the US and UK where one can sign up as an organ donor.

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