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Google Drive Goes Live: Here’s All You Need To Know About Google’s Cloud Service

Google has just launched it’s much anticipated DropBox like cloud service- Google Drive. It allows you to create, share, collaborate and keep all your stuffs online and be able to access it from anywhere- your Desktop, Tablets, Smartphones, etc. You can now work on a joint project with your friends or colleagues in real time creating word documents, spreadsheets and presentations and even add comments on practically any types of files (PDF, Videos, Images, etc.).

With Google Drive, Google is obviously trying to increase user’s dependence on it’s services just like how Apple does with it’s closely-knit products like iTunes, iPhones, iCloud, etc. By having Google Docs built right into Drive, Google is trying to target businesses and individuals alike, making collaboration easier and hassle free. You get 5GB of free storage when you sign up for Google Drive and you will be able to view over 30 file types directly from your browser, even if you do not have supported program installed on your computer.

How Google Drive Works

Using Google Drive is pretty easy. You can install the Drive on your Mac or Windows and download the Drive app on your Smartphones (as of now only on Android devices) and Tablets to access your files. When you install Drive on your computer, it creates a special folder named “Google Drive”. Once the installation is complete, it will sync all your Google Docs to your computer and across all other devices you have configured the Drive to use with. You can simply drag any types of files into the Google Drive folder on your computer or directly into the browser and your file(s) will be ready for access on all the other devices.

Google Drive lets you store almost all your stuffs online and makes it available to you from anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Other than storing, creating and collaborating, Google Drive has a powerful search that allows you to search using keywords and filter the results by file type, owner, etc. Drive can recognize texts in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Scanned documents and also has an image recognition technology in it’s earlier stage.

You get 5GB free storage with Google Drive when you sign up. You can upgrade to 25GB for $2.49/ month, 100GB for $4.99/ month or 1TB for $49.99/ month.

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