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How To Create Location Based Reminders in iOS 5

Earlier I posted some of the hidden features, tips and tricks of iOS 5. Today we will see how we can use location based reminders.

One of the wonderful updates in iOS 5 is the Reminders app that comes pre-installed on your iDevice when you update to iOS 5. It is elegant, simple to use, yet powerful tool to organize our life. The Reminder app in iOS 5 (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) let’s you set reminders to be reminded on a specific date or when you arrive or leave a specific location, such as Home, Office, Clubs, or anywhere else.

To create a new location based reminder on your iPhone;

Step 1: Open the Reminders app and tap +

Step 2: Enter a description and tap “Done”.  This adds a reminder in the list.

Step 3: To set a location to the reminder (and/ or a day or time), tap the reminder you just created, then tap “Remind Me”

Step 4: Slide the button to Turn on “At a Location”

Step 5: Select “When I Leave” or “When I Arrive” or you choose both.

iDevice will automatically detect your current location. If you want to change the location to somewhere else, for e.g. Remind you when you arrive home;

Step 6: Tap “Current Location”, then tap “Choose Address”. This will lead you to your Phone Book Contacts in your iDevice.

Step 7: Select a location, such as Home, etc. and you are done.

Your iDevice will now remind you about this task when you leave the specified location or arrive at a specified location or both, depending on you selection.

To make the best use of the location based reminders in Reminders app, one of the best things to do would be save your frequently visited locations in your Phone Book Contacts. Like for me, I’ve set “Office”, “Home”, “Groceries Shop”, “Dance class”, etc.

You can also specify the reminder to be reminded on a specified time and date. To do that;

Follow Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3, then slide the button to turn on “On a Day” and select the date and time.

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