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iPhone Tips

Viber- Make calls for free from your iPhone

Read: 7,415 Viber– one of the pretty cool VoIP calling apps for iPhone. Viber lets you make free calls to other phones with Viber installed. Currently Viber supports only iPhone, though Android and BlackBerry versions are on its way soon. Features: It works with both 3G and WIFI, so you don’t have to worry looking out for only WIFI spots,… Read More »Viber- Make calls for free from your iPhone

Momento – one of the best diary applications for iPhone

Read: 7,098 Here is a wonderful diary application for your iPhone- Momento! I used this for a long time and loving it. Momento is a very clean diary application witha beautiful interface. It lets users to write their moments ‘on the go’, with powerful tagging features. The following are some of the features of Momento: Beautiful interface Tag your friends… Read More »Momento – one of the best diary applications for iPhone

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4

Read: 27,147 So you at last decided to jailbreak your iPhone 4 and enjoy the real power of an iPhone? Before I proceed on how to jailbreak your iPhone, let me give you a quick look at what is jailbreaking. iPhone Operating System (iOS) Jailbreaking is a process that allows an iPhone running Apple’s iOS operating system to gain full… Read More »How to Jailbreak iPhone 4