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Momento – one of the best diary applications for iPhone

Here is a wonderful diary application for your iPhone- Momento! I used this for a long time and loving it. Momento is a very clean diary application witha beautiful interface. It lets users to write their moments ‘on the go’, with powerful tagging features.

The following are some of the features of Momento:

  • Beautiful interface
  • Tag your friends from phone book or places you visit
  • Tag memorable events
  • You can create custom tags
  • Momento supports application wide search, and it’s really powerful!
  • You can rate your moments
  • It can fetch your posts from popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, RSS feeds, YouTube, and few more! Now you don’t have to miss any of those postings and search for your past postings in all of these websites, rather go to your Momento and you get everything in one place, with date and time stamps!
  • You can attach your photos and Momento creates an album within the application, so easier and beautiful to browse through.
  • Easy browsing- Momento has an awesome display that shows your posts by date. You can browse through posts like how you browse albums in iPod (Widescreen view) or the way you slide through pages in Cooliris! Check our Cooliris if you have not tried it yet.
  • YES, you can backup and restore all your posts, including tags, photos and everything else you post on your Momento through iTune!!
  • And it costs only $2.99. Click here to download your copy of Momento


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