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WiseID – Protect your Personal Data and Passwords on iOS

Our dependency on smartphones are growing day by day. Some of you may even be using your smartphones to access your bank accounts, PayPal, etc. Most of the apps that we download these days require us to create a username and password. Some of you may create strong passwords with a combination of caps and small caps letters, numbers, symbols, etc. Because remembering all these passwords can be daunting, you either use the same password for your bank account and some random dating app created by some random person (who know he is accessing your personal data!), or we use a simpler password that you can easily remember.

WiseID helps you simplify all of these problems. You are no more forced to use the same password for every accounts that you have or use a simpler password that you can remember. You can now create strong individual password for your emails, bank accounts, Facebook and every other apps and services without worrying about forgetting any of those passwords. Store them in WiseID – it helps you manage all of those passwords and personal data, completely encrypted, with 3 levels of protection – password, pattern and a face recognition – to access the app itself. This article explains various features of WiseID and how to use it on an iOS device.

What is WiseID?

WiseID is a password manager and an app that lets you protect your personal data. The app stores passwords and other data completely encrypted using AES 256 encryption. The app itself is protected using password, a dot pattern and face recognition, before anyone can even open the app. In other words, if you lose your iPhone or iPad or other iOS or Android devices, no one will be able to open WiseID and access your passwords or personal data.

WiseID works on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android Devices, Blackberry, Windows PC and Mac.

Key Features of WiseID

1. 3 levels of protection to open the app – a password, a dot pattern and face recognition.

All these 3 levels of authentication must be successful before you can open WiseID.

You have an option to use all of these 3 or just one.

2. Data protection from hackers – all data is encrypted (it’s unreadable even if someone sees it) and stored

only on your device.

3. Ability to generate strong random passwords using WiseID

4. Builti-in secure browser with one-touch logon

5. Protection from Phishing sites

6. Search through all records stored and sort them for easy retrieval

7. Multi-device support – sync all your iOS devices

8. Personalize categories, templates, items, etc.

9. Secure email feature – setup your email account right in WiseID and send ecnrypted email messages Encrypt email attachments, photos, etc.

10. Digitally sign emails to prove you are who you claim to be

11. Built-in QR and barcode scanner

12. Supports English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Vietnamese

How to Use WiseID

You can download WiseID for iOS from App Store. The usual price of the app is $5.99. It is being sold at just $0.99 till 22 November 2012, including Thanks Giving Day. Open WiseID once it is installed on your device and set the Master password, master pattern, and face recognition following the on screen instruction. You can choose to use only of these or all of these. All the authentication must be successful in order for you to gain access to the app.

Once you are done with setting up a master password, you need to create an account to download a certificate which will be used for encryption. Once registration is completed, open Wise ID >> tap on Secure Msg >> tap on Digital ID >> and login using the username and password you just used. Follow the onscreen instruction and import the certificate.

After the configuration is done, you can start using WiseID to store your passwords and other personal data in various categories provided, such as: Web sites, Email accounts, Social networks, Bank Accounts, Notes, Passwords, etc. You can also send encrypted email messages with digital signatures or create an encrypted message and send it via SMS, Email, post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.



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