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The Onion- America’s Finest News Source come to iPhone and iPad!

Don’t you think you love reading fake news sometimes, it’s so fun and really good times pass, out of our hectic working day! After all, we don’t always want to read the stories of boring politicians and heir stupidity! Many of you may have heard of -America’s Finest News Source, that’s what the website claims. The Onion is a Chicago based satirical news organization that has been around for many decades. They have recently released an iPhone and iPad app which lets the users browse all of their funny stories and videos.

The Onion iPhone/ iPad app makes browsing the site easier by categorizing news, video, audio, sports, etc. The app supports both portrait and landscape modes. This is especially great when you want to view pictures and video.

When we first launch The Onion app, it takes us to Latest News. It is more like any other news application that we already know. The top bar in the Home section can be scrolled horizontally, showing various other sections such as News, Video, Sports, Twitter, Voices, etc. There are other sections such a Popular, Search, Saved and Info about The Onion. The app lets you save news for your reading at a later time and can be accessed at the “Saved” section in the app. You can save up to 25 news maximum. You can delete the saved news anytime, making space for new stuffs to be saved, if you wish to.

My take

If you enjoy, this app is going to be fun! The app has a clean, intuitive design. If you are new to The Onion, try it out, you will definitely love it, for its sarcastic news and other fun stuffs. Hey, come on, after all, relax! Enjoy and have loads of fun. Please note that there is a disclaimer at the bottom of The Onion website that says, “The Onion is not intended for readers under 18 years of age”. *winks*. You can download the iPhone app from here.



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