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Maven Web Browser: Dual Screen Browser for iPad

There are number of web browsers for iPhones and iPads these days. I recently came across one really good web browser for iPhone and iPad – Maven Web Browser+. This browser is somewhat unique in its design and features and works really good.

Maven browser supports various features such as dual screen support on iPad, unlimited tabs, download manager, one click switching to private browsing, track pad, reader, etc. I have tried various other browsers to use some of the social media sites in Desktop mode, but most of them simply crashed. But on Maven browser, Desktop mode works really well. The key features of Maven Web Browser+ is given below.

Highlights of Key features:

  • Access bookmarks from a cool bookmark Jog-Dial
  • Magical track pad to scroll through the websites easily. Ability to place this track pad anywhere on the screen
  • Supports unlimited tabs, unlike Safari (only 8 tabs in safari)
  • Turn on Private Browsing only for tabs you want to, in single click
  • Adjust screen brightness using a Jog-Dial
  • Option to Save Passwords like in Firefox (Passwords are saved in iOS KeyChain)
  • View websites in Dual screen mode on iPads
  • Built-in Reader to make reading easier
  • Built-in Download Manager and it also let you preview the downloaded file. Ability to transfer downloaded files to PC / Mac
  • Customizable Gestures
  • Support Passcode locking the app
  • Support multiple search engines and you can also define a search engine of your choice
  • Easily share on Facebook, Twitter and Instapaper, etc.
  • AirPrint support and ability to open links from Safari in Maven Browser using Safari plugin
  • Ad Blocker support (Note that this feature requires In-App purchase and it costs additional $0.99.

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