How to Use Internet Explorer Right Inside Google Chrome using IE Tab

Many of you may have been familiar with Internet Explorer (IE). Some of us gets fed up because it tends to crash when we least expect it to. This simple reason is good enough for people like me to switch to Google Chrome or Firefox. But in many cases, we may have no choice, but to use IE, especially when most of the banking and governement websites are still optimized for IE due to the use of ActiveX controls, etc. In this post, we will look at an add on that would let you use IE right into your Google Chrome browser.

IE Tab : Take IE Right inside Google Chrome

IE Tab extension for Google Chrome emulates IE using IE rendering engine directly within Chrome. It is useful for all those people who are Chrome fans but have no choice when it comes to accessing some of the IE Only websites, but to depend on IE itself. For e.g. If you need a seamless Outlook Web Access & Sharepoint access, you will need IE. Some of the Government websites and banking websites still use ActiveX controls which is an IE only / Windows technology built by Microsoft. IE Tab is also a great tool for all those web developers who like to test their websites using various IE versions.

Getting Started with IE Tab

Step 1: Go to Chrome Extensions from your Google Chrome browser and install IE Tab by clicking “Add to Chrome”

Step 2: You can notice an IE icon appearing at the right side of the address bar, clicking on this icon opens the current website in IE inside your Chrome

You can add bookmarks from IE Tab, the bookmarks will be added to a folder named IE Tab.

Advanced Options and Customize IE Tab

Advanced options in IE Tab lets you customize how you access IE inside Chrome. Clicking on the “Change Auto URLs or other IE Tab Settings” icon appearing next to Bookmark icon in IE Tab will take you to the IE Tab options page. Here you will see General options where you can control how IE Tab handles pop ups, search, etc. and you can also access IE Options right from here. This will allow you to customize IE options without even opening IE and use those settings in IE Tab. Other options include IE Compatibility Mode to suit to IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, etc.

Running Windows Explorer in IE Tab

Another great thing about IE Tab is that, it lets you browse Windows Folders using Windows Explorer right from Google Chrome. For e.g. you can access C drive by simply typing “C:\” in the addressbar without the quotes.


One thing you  must note is that the security of the IE Tab is totally depended on the security of your IE Installation. That said, you should remember to keep your IE updated, because IE Tab is as secure as your IE installation.

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