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How to Update Your Phone Number Used and Displayed by iMessage and FaceTime

If you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and had to change your number, you may have noticed that your device is still showing the old number whenever you iMessage or FaceTime someone. You can update this by following the simple steps below.

Updating the Phone Number Displayed in iMessage

To update the phone number used and displayed by iMessage:

Step 1:

Tab on Settings | Messages

Step 2:

Turn off iMessage

Step 3:

Wait for about a minute and then Turn on back iMessage

It will re-activate your iMessage, using the new number.

Updating the Phone Number Displayed in FaceTime

To update the phone number used and displayed by FaceTime:

Step 1:

Tap on Settings | FaceTime

Step 2:

Turn off the FaceTime and wait for about a minute

Step 3:

Turn on back the FaceTime

It will re-activate the new number for FaceTime.

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