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How to Create a Video of Your PowerPoint Presentation

Video PowerPoint Presentation

There will be times when you want to create a video out of your PowerPoint Presentation, for example, for easy distribution of your Presentation to wide range of viewers regardless of whether or not they have PowerPoint installed on their computer or their mobile devices. Turning your PowerPoint Presentation into a video is very easy if you are using Microsoft Office 2010. With PowerPoint 2010, you can create a video presentation retaining all your animations, narrations, multimedia presentations, etc. without any difficulties!

Creating a Video out of a PowerPoint Presentation

You can save your PowerPoint Presentation as a video in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 very easily by following the steps below:

Option 1:

Step 1: Create your presentation as usual, you can add animations, multimedia, narrations, etc.

Step 2: Click on File | Save as | Select the Save as type: “Windows Media Video (*.wmv)”

create video from powerpoint

Step 3: Click Save. It will take few minutes for the video to be saved.

create video from powerpoint

Option 2:

Step 1: Create your presentation as usual, you can add animations, multimedia, narrations (see below on how to record narrations), etc.

Step 2: Click on File | Save & Send | Create a Video | Click on Computer & HD Displays

Step 3: Select the option according to your requirements:

Step 3.1: For a very high quality video to be displayed on large screens, select “Computer & HD Displays” – large file size.
Step 3.2: For a moderate quality video, select “Internet & DVD” – smaller file size.
Step 3.3: For a low quality video with smallest file size, select “Portable Devices”.

create video from powerpoint

The video you just created can be accessed from the location you saved it. You can treat this video like any other multimedia and play it on any devices that support video playback. You don’t require PowerPoint installed on the device.

Things not Included in the Created Video

The following parts of your Presentation may not be saved in the created video:

  • Multimedia files saved using PowerPoint 2007 or earlier versions. You can convert your file to PowerPoint 2010 version before creating the video to overcome this.
  • ActiveX controls, Macros, OLE Objects, QuickTime Media (unless you have a 3rd party QuickTime codec installed).

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