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How to add Signatures with images to your Gmail

Ever thought about having a Gmail Signatures with images or your company logo? Something like the one shown below?

Yes, we can create a rich, HTML Gmail signatures by following these simple steps…

Step 1: Click on Gmail Labs, a green funnel icon shown at the top, along with “Sign out” button. You can also access Gmail Labs from Settings >> Labs.

Step 2: You have to enable two Lab feature. 1) Canned Responses by Chad P 2) Inserting images by Kent T. Click Save Changes after you enable these two features.

Step 3: Go to COMPOSE MAIL button and create a new email as usual.

Step 4: Create your signature by adding your company logo or social network links. For e.g. To create an email signature as shown here:


Note: You can download a wide range of social media icons from here or here or simply by Google-ing for what you want. Ensure you don’t violate any copyrights though.

Step 4.1: Click on Insert Image Icon. Insert the icons/ image you like to add. You can either choose it from My Computer or a Wed address. I would suggest to upload from your computer though, as we may not know when the specified URL may expire.

Step 4.2: Once you are done with uploading the icons/ images, you can select a specific icon and add a URL/ Link to it. To do that:

Step 4.3: Once you are done with linking all the icons/ images to your like, click on “Canned Responses” and click Save. Provide a friendly name.

Step 4.4: Test your signature by sending yourself an email with the new signature.

Step 5: Enjoy using your new, colorful email signature for your Gmail and impress your recipients by selecting it from Canned responses drop down menu ;).

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