Any.DO: Remember Everything You Have To-Do

Any.DO is for all those who do not want to miss anymore tasks and To-Dos and finally organize your life. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a computer, iPhone or Android, your tasks and to-dos follow you, reminding you of everything you have to do.

Any.DO does the following:

  • Keep all your to-dos in sync across all devices (computer, iOS or Android)
  • Help you add to-dos from your Computer, iOS or Android devices
  • Help you add to-dos from your your computer using Google Chrome Extension
  • Send push notifications on your iOS and Android as well as on your computer using the Google Chrome Extension
  • Help you add reminders to your to-dos
  • Manage to-dos just by drag & drop and arranging it in folders
  • Attach notes to your to-dos

How to Install

On Google Chrome

You can get the Any.DO Google Chrome Extension for your computer from here. Click “+ADD TO CHROME” and add the extension.

On iPhone

Get the Any.DO app from App Store here.

On Android

Get the Android version of Any.DO from Google Play.

How to Use

After installation, you need to register using your email address before you can start using Any.DO. You can access your to-dos from any of your iOS or Android devices or computer using Google Chrome by signing in using the registered email address.

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