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All You Need to Know About iOS 5.1 Update: New Features and Changes

Apple has just released an update to one of the most advanced mobile operating system, iOS. This is the second update to iOS 5 ever since it’s release in 2011 October. The new update, iOS 5.1 adds few new features and updates to some of the existing features as well some security fixes. We will look at some of the changes in iOS 5.1.

You can download iOS 5.1 directly from your iOS Device, by tapping on Settings >> General >> Software Update or via iTunes.

1. Japanese Siri

One of the major updates in iOS 5.1 is the Japanese support for Siri. Siri can now speak English (US, UK and Australia), French, German and Japanese. Apple offers more language support in 2012, says in its website.

2. Easy Access To Camera From Lock Screen

Accessing camera on your iOS device was made much easier with iOS 5, allowing you to access the camera right from the lock screen, by double tapping the Home button. With iOS 5.1, the camera button always appears in the lock screen. All you have to do is to simply swipe up the camera icon.

3. Delete Photos From Photo Stream

You can now delete those embarrassing photos from Photo Stream. This was one of the major cause of disappointments with iOS for many after iOS 5 and iCloud features were announced.

4. Improvements in Face Detection

Your iOS device can highlight all detected faces while taking photos. You will see a green box when the face is detected.

5. Improvements in iPad Camera app

Another small but noticeable updates is an interface tweak in iPad Camera app. The camera shutter has moved from the bottom menu bar to the right side of the frame. This button shifts accordingly as you switch your iPad from landscape mode to portrait.

6. Improvements in Audio

You can now watch your movies and TV shows on your iPad clearer and louder with iOS 5.1 update.

7. Genius Mixes and Genius Playlists

If you’ve subscribed for iTunes Match, you will now get Genius Mix and Genius Playlist suggestions right on your iOS device.

8. New Controls for Podcast Playback

On your iPad, you can now have more controls while playing a podcast and it allows you to rewind the podcast in 30-second segments.

9. Improvements to Battery Life

iOS 5.1 addresses few bugs that affects battery life. We’re yet to see how much improvements these bug fixes have made.

10. Bug Fixes to Address Dropped Calls

Few other bug fixes to address issues of dropped audio and outgoing calls.

Other than these 10 updates, there are few security updates too in iOS 5.1. For example, an attacker with physical access to your locked iPhone could have access to the most recent emails using Siri. This issue has been addressed in in iOS 5.1. Another security fix is with Safari. Some of the web pages could record your browsing history even when you’re using Private Browsing feature. According to Apple, this has also been fixed with iOS 5.1 update.


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