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Apple has just released a new version of iOS - iOS 5.1.1- for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (3rd generation) and later, iPad 1, 2 and The New iPad. The new release is aimed to fix various bugs relating to Safari, Camera, AirPlay and App Store. It also offers security patches which is believed to solve a problem with URL handling in Safari.

ios 5.1.1 release review         ios 5.1.1 release review

I have been very busy in the past weeks with work and other personal stuffs. I wish to allocate more time to share cool stuffs with you all more often once I settle all those stuffs. For now, let's look at some of the hot deals in App Store today.

1. Voice Email: Speech to Text

Well, iPhone, iPad and other iOS 5 devices already has a dictation feature which works in almost all apps. But Voice Email: Speech to Text app is worth to try. The app is supported by Nuance Speech Recognition solution, one of the world's leading speech recognition solution providers. It supports 9 languages: English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German and Norwegian. You can compose messages by speaking in any of these languages and send it instantly. Voice Email: Speech to Text app also supports dictating punctuation.

The usual price of the app is $0.99. It's now sold Free in App Store.

Facebook has just added a new feature called Organ Donor to its already popular Timeline. With the Organ Donor feature, users can share the organ donor status in their Facebook Timeline with friends. As of now the feature is only available in some countries like the US. If you still cannot see the Organ Donor feature, you may still have to wait till Facebook rolls out to your country.

How to Add Organ Donor Status in Timeline

You can add the Organ donor status to your Timeline following the simple steps below:

1: In your Facebook profile page, click on Life Event appearing at the top of your Timeline
2: Select Health & Wellness and Select Organ Donor
3: Select who you like to share this status with and click Save.

googledriveGoogle has just launched it's much anticipated DropBox like cloud service- Google Drive. It allows you to create, share, collaborate and keep all your stuffs online and be able to access it from anywhere- your Desktop, Tablets, Smartphones, etc. You can now work on a joint project with your friends or colleagues in real time creating word documents, spreadsheets and presentations and even add comments on practically any types of files (PDF, Videos, Images, etc.).

With Google Drive, Google is obviously trying to increase user's dependence on it's services just like how Apple does with it's closely-knit products like iTunes, iPhones, iCloud, etc. By having Google Docs built right into Drive, Google is trying to target businesses and individuals alike, making collaboration easier and hassle free. You get 5GB of free storage when you sign up for Google Drive and you will be able to view over 30 file types directly from your browser, even if you do not have supported program installed on your computer.

As most of us use our smart phones for accessing emails, organizing these emails may be difficult compared to doing it on a computer. You may not want to go through all the emails in your inbox but may want to move them to another folder, probably for reading it later. This can be done right from your iPhone easily by creating folders and subfolders to categorize emails, for e.g. "Work", "Family", "Friends", etc.

How to Create New Mail Folders on an iPhone and Organize Emails

The following steps show you how a new email folder in a Gmail account is created right from the iPhone.

There hasn't been much update on my blog for sometime as I was in the process of redesigning the entire blog and updating some of its core components and stuffs. Finally its all done and hope you like the new design!

Today, we will look at how we can find professional resume templates easily rather than searching through Google. All of us usually spend so much time searching for resume templates / samples online when we are on a job hunt, not knowing that there is a good collection of resume templates / samples built right into Microsoft Word! Please note that the scope of this post is to show you how to find some professional looking resumes in Microsoft Word, but not to teach you how to write professional resume or any such details.

Apple has just released an update to one of the most advanced mobile operating system, iOS. This is the second update to iOS 5 eversince it's release in 2011 October. The new update, iOS 5.1 adds few new features and updates to some of the existing features as well some security fixes. We will look at some of the changes in iOS 5.1.


You can download iOS 5.1 directly from your iOS Device, by tapping on Settings >> General >> Software Update or via iTunes.


ios 5.1 update


Microsoft recently showcased a consumer preview of their next biggest product, Windows 8. It is believed that Windows 8 is going to power a next wave of Tablet PCs, Desktops and other mobile computing with it's touch-based Operating System. We are yet to see how much impact Windows 8 is going to make in the tech world. The Consumer Preview (CP) is a prerelease version of Windows 8 that mainly focuses on user experience and feedbacks. Please note that this preview may come with many vulnerabilities which are not discovered yet, and is not recommended to install this in a production environment, but only for testing and learning new features.


If you are curious to try out Windows 8 CP and do not want to destroy your existing PC, you can install Windows 8 on a Virtual machine (VM). VM is a completely isolated operating system witin your normal operating system. It's like running another computer within your existing computer, much like how you would run a program like Microsoft Office. In this post, we are going to look at how we can install Windows 8 CP in a VMware Workstation developed by VMware, one of the global leaders in Virtualization technology.

There may be times when you need to use POP3 for email accounts in Microsoft Exchange 2010. By default, POP3 service isn't installed in Exchange 2010. To use POP3 email for an Exchange 2010 account, we must first ensure the POP3 service is started. This article explains everything you need to know about configuring POP3 email accounts with Exchange 2010.


Starting POP3 Service in Exchange 2010

You can start POP3 service in Microsoft Exchange 2010 by following the steps below. Before proceeding, ensure that you have the right permission (Organization Management Permission or View-Only Organization Management Permission) to do this operation:

Hot iPhone & iPad Deals on 27 February 2012

1. Unfriended


Here is an app to see who has unfriended you or has deactivated their Facebook profile. Unfriended iPhone app will show you exactly who removed you from their friend's list.


One thing to note is that, the app will not be able to show you who has unfriended you in the past, but only those who unfriend you after you start using this app. Using this app is pretty simple, after installation, you can login to the app using Facebook login. Once logged in to the app, simply tap on the Refresh button seen at the bottom left corner.


The usual price for Unfriended app for iPhone is 0.99$. However, it is now sold Free on App Store.


unfriended app for iphone unfriended app for iphone

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