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creating scenario in excel

There may be times when we need to experement with several different values in an Excel Spreadsheet to make predictions and forecasts. For example, you are selling various products. Assume that you have a profit target to meet and you want to see how much profit you will make if you sell x number of each product. You can do this in an Excel Spreadsheet easily by making use of Scenarios in the What-If-Analysis tool.

By using Scenarios, you are able to enter a set of different values in a spreadsheet, and Excel will automatically calculate the resulting values.

copy texts from ibooks

For some weird (or may be legitimate) reasons, Apple has made copying texts from iBook difficult. It's been many days since I started trying to copy some texts from the books that I read, so that I can share with my friends on my Facebook or Twitter, but it was difficult. Just found a way to do this!

In the past, prior to iOS 6, we could simply select the texts in iBook and tap on Copy to copy the texts to clipboard. It doesn't work that way anymore. We can copy single words by using this method, but that's not going to server any purpose to people like you and I who likes to share some quotes or interesting part of a book with friends.

internet surveillance

Protecting our privacy online is one of the hardest task to achieve in today's widely inter-connected world. All the browsers, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc., we use today are way advanced and keep track of your browsing history, for various purposes. Some websites track your online activity to serve better, targeted ads, or suggest news and sites that you may like and to make your whole browsing experience seamless. While there are good things for letting some trusted websites to track your online activities, there are also too many bad things, because there are billions of websites around, out of which, a huge percentage of sites tend to be malicious.

Most of us tend to neglect the importance of safeguarding our personal information. It is in fact more valuable than you might think. There are companies who collect various data from your online activities and study your habits so that they can convince you to buy their products or do things online, that you may not have done otherwise.

Imagine this: a website that tracks and collect everything you do on their site including your location, IP address, phone number, email address, social security number, credit card info, etc. etc. and sell it to a third party and make money? Or someone else tracks your online activities and stalk you in real life?


If you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and had to change your number, you may have noticed that your device is still showing the old number whenever you iMessage or FaceTime someone. You can update this by following the simple steps below.

Updating the Phone Number Displayed in iMessage

To update the phone number used and displayed by iMessage:

Step 1:

Tab on Settings | Messages

transposing data in excel - re-arrange data

In my previous post, we looked at how to create conditional formatting in order to highlight or make some cells standout from other cells based on it's values. Today, I am going to show you how to re-arrange data in Excel from columns to rows and rows to columns easily by using transpose data feature.

What Does Transposing Data Mean?

Transposing data in Excel means re-arranging data entered in columns (vertical range) to rows (horizontal range) or rows to column because you may want to re-layout your spreadsheet. Many time what most of us tend to do is to start copying each data one by one from columns to rows if you want to re-arrange or vice versa. Do you know that Microsoft Excel can do this so quickly, like in 2/3 clicks? That's what I am going to show you in this post.


Microsoft Excel is one of the very advanced spreadsheet application that lets you easily create and manage complex spreadsheets. Imagine having a spreadsheet with large amount of data. Making some sense out of this data is a task by itself. Scanning through rows and columns to read and interpret the data can be really difficult. For example, if we have a spreadsheet to capture the activities in a production line. Your employees may be feeding various data into this spreadsheet. If you're required to make changes in your production line because the reject rate in the line has increased, but it was left unnoticed. What if Excel could highlight / stand out those important cells according to some preset values in other cells? In this case, if the value in the reject quantity cross certain number, a particular cell or series of cells will change its color to Red and the bold font, so that you notice these cell(s) quickly! That's what conditional formatting in Excel can do for you.

In this article, I am going to show you how to create conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel 2010. The steps we follow here is same for Excel 2007 as well.


Effective use of email signatures is one of the best ways to connect with new and existing clients or business partners or even with your friends. Email signature helps you promote your online identity and personal branding. Especially if you are a freelancer or running own business, having an email signature linked with your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS Feed from blog, Etsy, etc. gives more opportunity to connect with people and share the information you care about.

In this article, I am going to show you how to use WiseStamp, a very cool browser extension for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox that helps you create beautiful email signature and use in your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other emails.

ios 6 mail improvements

Apple recently released iOS 6, one of the best mobile operating systems, introducing 200 over new features and improvements to existing features.  If you have not installed iOS 6 for your device yet, here is how you can easily download and install iOS 6 right from your device.

With iOS 6, Apple has given lots of improvements to the native Mail app such as the VIP Inbox where all your important emails are stored from various mail accounts configured on your phone, etc. Another major update is the ability to easily attach photos and videos to your emails. In this article, I am going to show you all of these improvements and other new features in the Mail app in iOS 6.


Most of the bloggers and small businesses finds it a hassle to handle emails with their own domain names, because some of the hosting companies may provide archaic email facilities. There are instances where you may not even receive emails from your customers, visitors, partners, etc. I have also noticed that some of the important and time sensitive emails I received on my domain email address were not delivered to my iPhone where I've my email configured! This can be really disappointing and you may lose wonderful opportunities to connect with your visitors, partners or other bloggers.

One of the workarounds for this situation is by forwarding all emails received by your domain's email address to another email address. For example, forward emails from aneesh @ to @ If you want to know how to use this forwarding method, here is a beautiful article by Shamelle with video. The problem with this method is that, while you can receive all emails sent to your domain's email address (for example aneesh @, you will not be able to reply to those emails from Gmail, unless you want the reply to go out from your Gmail address (in this example, @

iOS 6

Apple has officially released iOS 6, one of the most advanced mobile operating systems to it's users for free. With the release of iOS 5 last year, Apple has made updating iOS to newer versions much easier than last time. You can update to iOS 6 right from  your iOS device - iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This article explains how to update your iOS device to iOS 6 and start enjoying more than 200 cool features.

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