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document protection

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents stores hidden personal information, comments, revisions, etc. that you may not want to share with anyone. Depending on the kind of information, these hidden metadata could be embarrassing or even put you in legal risk. Imagine you are working on a document collaborating with your partner and finally wants to send this document to your client. You wouldn't want your client to see the kind of information you and your partner may have shared on the same document. Even though, those information you share may not be visible on the screen or in the print outs, those information is hidden in the document and can easily be retrieved by your client, if they want to.

In this article, we will see how we can remove such hidden information from a Microsoft Word Document before sharing it electronically and save yourself from embarrassment.

removing redirected network printers from computer

This is really annoying. You may have come across this situation where you see multiple Printers in your Devices and Printers Dialogue box, usually with a name "(redirected 2)" followed by your printer name. For example, if your printer name is "Canon Color Printer", the redirected printer will have a name as follows: "Canon Color Printer (redirected 2)". You just can't use this printer or remove this. It gets messy here. After spending few minutes, I found out a way to remove such redirected printers from the Computer. Here is how you can do that.


Most sites like newspapers, magazines, online forums, etc. demands providing your email address even though you are hesitant to give them because you suspect that you will be bombarded with unwanted emails. You can easily manage these unwanted emails if you can create disposable email addresses. Popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail ( allow us to easily create such disposable email addresses and automatically sort emails send to such addresses. You can also choose to automatically delete such emails.

In this article, we will see how we can create and manage a disposable email address in Gmail.


Microsoft Office allows you to password protect your documents to prevent unauthorized access and changes. As you may know, Microsoft Office Documents such as Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. can be password protected so that it requires password to either open or edit or both. MS Office does not allow you to open a password protected document if you enter incorrect password and Microsoft does not provide any tool to remove or crack the password.

There are various tools out there to open your documents in case if you lose or forget the password. Let's look at one of the such useful tools that will help you recover password protected documents.

In case if you are looking to recover an accidentally deleted or lost Word Document, check this out.

creating data table in excel

Data tables are used to see how changing one or two variable data in a formula affects the result in a Microsoft Excel Worksheet. It creates a range of cells in a table form that shows the results when the variable data is applied in the calculation. Data table allows you to easily calculate multiple results in a single operation and compare the results of all the different variations of one or two data in a single worksheet. For example, data table can be used if you want to easily calculate loan repayment for varying interest rate and you can easily compare the repayment amount for all of the different interest rate specified.

Data tables in MS Excel is part of the What-if-analysis tool. A data table can only accomodate maximum two variable data, one for the column input and the other for the row input. If you want to compare and analyze more than two variables, you can use Scenarios in Excel. Read this to learn how you can create and work with Scenarios in Excel.

As I mentioned, data tables can only handle two variables. However, a data table can handle as many different values as you want for these two variables. There are two types of data tables, 1) One-variable data table 2) Two-variable data table.

how to create outline in excel

Sometimes you may have to work with very large list of data in Excel Spreadsheets. Browsing through the entire list to look for important data can be tedious. One way to deal with this kind of situation is by grouping and summarizing the entire data. Outline feature in Excel helps you to group data, making it easier to read the data by hiding or showing detail data. In addition to grouping the data and show or hide the details from displaying, Outline also helps you to create Subtotals to show a quick summary of the entire data.

You can create an outline of the rows or the columns or both, upto a maximum of 8 levels on each side. For example, you have an Excel spreadsheet containing staff details such as their names, age, departments, leaves taken, etc. By using Outline, you can create a summary of these data, arranged by departments, showing the subtotals of leaves taken by each department, and hiding or showing the details of employees - all in few clicks.


You may have come across instants when you "Restore down" Microsoft Outlook, you simply cannot restore the window back. All you can do is to restart the Outlook. This is annoying.


If you try to resize the Outlook window from full screen by clicking the "Restore Down" button, Outlook just minimizes to the task bar. When you try to bring up the Outlook window, nothing happens, the window will not open up. All you can do is to restart the Outlook in full screen mode.

google chrome addon 

If you love using Google Chrome like I do, you will like the Screen Capture tool developed by Google. There are times when we need to capture / screenshot a visible portion of a webpage, or may be the entire webpage itself. If you use the Print Screen feature on your computer, you will not be able to scroll and capture a webpage, but it can only capture what is visible right on the screen. But with the Screen Capture tool for Google Chrome, you can make screenshots of a webpage capturing whichever areas you want to on the displayed page, by scrolling horizontally and vertically, as you like.

using defined names in excel

Usually we use cell numbers in formuals whenever we work on an Excel spreadsheet. Remembering each cell numbers and what it contains is really hard. There is an easy way - you can use names in formulas instead of cell numbers. For example: imagine that cell C10 contains Price and cell D10 contains Quantity and you need the Total in cell E10. You can use "Price x Quantity" in cell E10 instead of "C10 x D10". This makes your formulas much easier to remember and understand.


Our dependency on smartphones are growing day by day. Some of you may even be using your smartphones to access your bank accounts, PayPal, etc. Most of the apps that we download these days require us to create a username and password. Some of you may create strong passwords with a combination of caps and small caps letters, numbers, symbols, etc. Because remembering all these passwords can be daunting, you either use the same password for your bank account and some random dating app created by some random person (who know he is accessing your personal data!), or we use a simpler password that you can easily remember.

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