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All about iOS 5 Camera: 10 Improvements to the iPhone Camera and Photos App

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Previously I talked about hidden features in iOS 5, Creating Location based reminders, Calendar app, iCloud, Speech-to-Text feature, etc. One of the best improvements in Apple's iOS 5 is the enhancements in Camera app and the Photos app. With iOS 5, Apple has turned an iPhone like a real Point-and-Shoot camera.


1. Open Camera Directly From Lock Screen

With iOS 5, we can open the Camera app from the Lock Screen just by double tapping the Home button on our iPhone and we will never agian have to miss those unexpected moments.

ios 5 camera tips- camera from lock screen


2. Taking Picture Using Volume-Up button

With iOS 5, we can shoot a photo simply by pressing the Volume-Up button. We don't have to struggle with the on-screen photo capture button anymore.

ios 5 camera tips- taking picture using volume button


3. Use the iPhone Headset to Take a Photo

Imagine we are listening to music on the iPhone and want to shoot an unexpected moment? It's easy with iOS 5, we can just press the Volume-Up button on the iPhone Headset or any Apple Certified Headset.

ios 5 camera tips- taking picture using iphone headset


4. Pinch to Zoom

We can now simply Pinch on the screen to zoom while taking a photo. We can also use the on screen bar to zoom. The bar appears when we just pinch on the screen on the Camera app.

ios 5 camera tip- pinch to zoom images


5. Easy Viewing of Photo We have Just Taken

We can easily switch to a photo we have just snapped simply by swipping to the left. We can go back to the Camera app by swipping it to the right.

ios 5 camera tips- swipe to view the photo taken


6. Lock Exposure and Focus in the Camera

We can now lock the exposure and the focus by simply pressing an holding our finger on the screen. By doing so will auto focus to the perticular area of the image you are going to shoot. A useful feature when we want to take portraits.

ios 5 camera tips- lock exposure and focus


7. Grid Display in Camera

We can turn on the grid display for the iPhone camera by turning it on from the Options menu. This is very useful when we want to align/ level our image or to play by the Rule of Thirds.

ios 5 camera tips- grid display


8. Create Albums Directly From iPhone

We can create albums directly from the Photos app, rather than waiting to transfer the photos and videos to your computer and sort out later.

ios 5 camera tips- creating albums from iphone


9. Options Menu in the Camera

With iOS 5, we have an Options menu to Switch On or OFF Grid display or HDR (High Dynamic Range).

ios 5 camera tips- Options Menu


10. Editing Photos From Camera App and Photos App

We can do simple editing with the iOS 5 Camera and Photos app on the iPhone itself by simply tapping on the Edit button appearing at the top right corner. We cannot do alot with this photo editing feature, but useful to Rotate images, to Crop images, to Remove red-eye and to Auto-Enhance. I would say it is handy when we take a photo and directly edit it rather than switching to any other photo editing apps.

ios 5 camera tips- editing images in iphone


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This website truly has all the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.
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Quoting SLR camera:
This website truly has all the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.


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