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10 tricks to use your iPhone like a Pro

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Save your time and make your life easier with following iPhone tricks and Tips (iPhone Manual) you may have not known yet.


iPhone Tricks and tips 1. Tap at the "top bar" to automatically scroll to the top of the page in Safari, Facebook App, News app, and many others.

 iPhone tricks


iPhone Tricks and Tips 2. There is a built in domain resolution in iPhone Safari, which makes browsing easier! Just type  "google" at the address bar in Safari and it will take you to Likewise, "cnn", bbc, facebook, twitter, etc.

iPhone tricks


iPhone Tricks and Tips 3. Press and hold ".com" key in iPhone Safari while typing website names in the address bar, you can see few other options like ".net, .edu, .org, .us & .sg" (This may vary from country to country)

iPhone tricks

iPhone Tricks and Tips 4. Take a screenshot: Press and hold Home button and then press Power button.

iPhone tricks


iPhone Tricks and Tips 5. Typing SMS and accidentally deleted a word or sentence? Shake your phone to Undo Typing or Redo Typing. This works in every application in iPhone.

iPhone tricksiPhone tricks


iPhone Tricks and Tips 6. Click on the highlighted icon in Google Maps to view the 3D image of the location you are searching for. (This works only in places where Google has already stored a 3D map view).

iPhone tricks


iPhone Tricks and Tips 7. Add a Webpage to the Home Screen. Its very useful if you regularly visit a blog or other websites. You can select the icon image by zooming the web page to desired image/ text in the page.

iPhone tricks


iPhone Tricks and Tips 8. Change "-- Sent from iPhone" email signature and put something unique: Go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars >> Then scroll down and look for "Signature". Add your email signature here.

iPhone tricks


iPhone Trick 9. Edit Notifications: Choose which application you want to receive Notifications from. Click on Settings >> Notifications >> Click on each application to turn it on or off.

iPhone tricks


iPhone Trickand Tips 10. Hide SMS preview: Go to Settings >> Messages >> Turn on or off Show Preview.

iPhone tricks


Please post your ideas and tricks at the comments area.

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Excellent article, thank you for sharing these tips!
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