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How to Copy Texts, Share on Facebook, Twitter or Email from iBooks in iOS 6 from iBook 3.0

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copy texts from ibooks

For some weird (or may be legitimate) reasons, Apple has made copying texts from iBook difficult. It's been many days since I started trying to copy some texts from the books that I read, so that I can share with my friends on my Facebook or Twitter, but it was difficult. Just found a way to do this!

In the past, prior to iOS 6, we could simply select the texts in iBook and tap on Copy to copy the texts to clipboard. It doesn't work that way anymore. We can copy single words by using this method, but that's not going to server any purpose to people like you and I who likes to share some quotes or interesting part of a book with friends.

You can copy the texts from an iBook using the following steps:

Step 1:

Open iBook app on your device | open the iBook that you are reading or want to copy the texts from

Step 2:

Highlight the texts that you want to copy (You can highlight the texts in iBook by tapping and holding on a word for few seconds and then moving your finger all the way till the last word you want to highlight.)

copy texts from ibookscopy texts from ibooks

Step 3:

Once the texts that you want to copy is highlighted, tap on the highlighted text again

Step 4:

You will now see a set of Annotation tool bar... | Tap on the Arrow icon as shown below

Step 5:

You can now see a set of sharing icons: Mail, Message, Twitter, Facebook and Copy

copy texts from ibooks

You can copy the texts that you have highlighted and use it anywhere you want to...

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