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myPhoneDesktop- iPhone on your Desktop

myPhoneDesktop- makes it easier to access your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod from your Desktop or Laptop computer. It lets you type long SMS, URLs or Emails or even make calls or do a Google search on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod directly from a Desktop or Laptop. Imagine you are reading a long article on your computer and you want to access that from your mobile device. What most of us usually do is that to email the URL of the article or the entire text itself from our computer and access it from the email configured on iPhone. Do we really have to go through all these hassle and waste time? Not anymore, with myPhoneDesktop you can instantly send long URLs or SMS or emails or an article from your computer to your phone via 3G or WIFI.

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Instant Messaging apps have become part and parcel of our daily life. Social networking sites and applications are a streamlined solution for keeping in touch with our friends and loved ones. I've used numerous IM applications on my iPhone, imo.im stands out from all of those. imo.im is a web based IM service like eBuddy where you can send instant messages to your friends on MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM/ ICQ, Yahoo, Skype, Facebook Chat, Jabber and MySpace IM. imo.im released a light weight, cool iPhone, iPad and iPod application with a clean interface which supports all of those IM services. What makes imo stands out from hundreds of other IM applications on the AppStore? Let's look at the features and draw backs of imo iPhone/ iPad/ iPod app.



  • No registration required. You can use your existing IM services with MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk or any other services mentioned above to sign in, it's that easy to set up imo.
  • imo loads on iPhone so fast, compared to any other IM applications I've used this far!
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Here is a wonderful diary application for your iPhone- Momento! I used this for a long time and loving it. Momento is a very clean diary application witha beautiful interface. It lets users to write their moments 'on the go', with powerful tagging features.


The following are some of the features of Momento:

  • Beautiful interface
  • Tag your friends from phone book or places you visit
  • Tag memorable events
  • You can create custom tags
  • Momento supports application wide search, and it's really powerful!
  • You can rate your moments
  • It can fetch your posts from popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, RSS feeds, YouTube, Last.fm and few more! Now you don't have to miss any of those postings and search for your past postings in all of these websites, rather go to your Momento and you get everything in one place, with date and time stamps!
  • You can attach your photos and Momento creates an album within the application, so easier and beautiful to browse through.
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About Sarayoo.info

Sarayoo (also saráyu) is a river that flows through Uttar Pradesh, a modern Indian State in the North. This river is of ancient significance, finding mentions in Vedas and Ramayana. On the Rama Navami, the festival that celebrates the birthday of Lord Rama, thousands of people take a dip in this sacred Sarayu / Sarayoo river at Ayodhya.
The name Sarayoo / Sarayu is the feminine derivative of the Sanskrit word sar "to flow" and also "that which is streaming". The idea of Sarayoo.info is "to flow" a stream of information, tips and ideas to make people's life easier with various computer technologies.

I come across numerous problems and interesting information related to technology everyday, leading to huge amount of research and troubleshooting. It is really great to have all those information and knowledge I gain at one place and share it with others.

Sarayoo.info is all about passion. My aim here is to have quality contents that would reach and help people across the globe. It's really wonderful to hear that the ideas or tips on my blog helped some stranger out there. Such comments and messages are what keep this blog running.
If you would like to share your ideas on Sarayoo.info that you think would help someone out there, please send it by clicking here.

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I would love to hear your comments and feedbacks. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or connect me via the following:

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Who Am I?

Who am I?


I'm aneesh, born and brought up in a beautiful village in Kerala, India and currently living in Singapore. I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Security and Network Administration from Edith Cowan University, Australia. I write, develop websites, work as a system administrator and sometimes as a trainer.

Why I do what I do?

Because I love anything technology and love sharing things I know about various technology stuffs with people like you to make your life easier. It's really fun to try out various applications and looking out for solutions to existing problems related to tech stuffs or finding new ways to do things. Throughout this blog, sarayoo.info, you will find ideas, tips and information intended to make your life easier using technology.

Other than iPhones and other smartphones, I have deep interest in Computer and Information Security, how to protect our online identity and other privacy issues. It's really fun to learn how each of us leave our digital footprints without even we knowing.

Why sarayoo.info?

Because it's my passion. My aim with sarayoo.info is to provide quality contents that would reach and help people across the globe. It's really wonderful to hear that the ideas or tips on my blog helped some stranger out there. Comments and messages like this are what keep this blog running.

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Random facts about me

I'm an ardent art lover. I dance and have performed at various places in Singapore. I love spending my free times away from Computers, attending art events, exhibitions, etc. I enjoy connecting with people from different cultures, sharing knowledge and ideas, and play my part in making our world a paradise.

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I would love to hear from you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use this form or connect me via the following:
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