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Sometimes you receive an error message showing, "Protected View Editing this file type is not allowed due to your policy settings. Click here for more details." This is damn annoying. I just got an email from someone with a Word attachment which I wanted to print. But MS Word wouldn't allow me to do anything with the document, but show this error message. You can solve this by following the steps below.


Error message appears in MS Word 2010:

protected view in microsoft word

Hot iPhone & iPad Deals on 23 February 2012


1. Ritual - Keep Motivated and Make New Habits Stick


An app to keep track of your resolutions and get motivated. The app lets you keep track of your weight, spending, working hours, etc. and also start new habits, monitor the progress and manage all of these numbers in an easy and efficient way. One of the users of Ritual claims, "I quit smoking and i am on diet at the same time: this incredible app helps me a lot every day" and another says, "It's helping me keep my daily routine, thus I feel more motivated by seeing my daily progresses towards WORLD DOMINATION!".


Ritual for iPhone is a very useful app you can try out. The usual price of the app is 1.99$. It can now be downloaded on a discounted price, for 0.99$ from App Store.


Ritual - Keep Motivated and Make New Habits Stick Ritual - Keep Motivated and Make New Habits Stick

troubleshooting location services iphone

Location Services in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch allows various apps such as Maps, Camera, Reminders, various GPS navigations apps and other location-dependent apps to determine your location. If the Location Service is not working, location-dependent apps will not work properly, and may give a message saying "Your location could not be determined." You can solve this issue by following the steps below.

Step 1:

Go to Settings >> Tap on Location Services and ensure Location Services is set to ON. Scroll down and find the app that cannot determine your location and ensure that is also set to ON.

Run the app again and see if it can determine your current location. If it still does not work, go to Step 2.

location services not working

Hot iPhone & iPad Deals on 22 Jan 2012


1. Super Note: Voice Recorder

Cool app to take note easily, either by typing or recording the voice, or both at the same time. It's available

for both iPhone and iPad and is usually sold for $1.99. The app let's you take notes by typing or by recording

the voice and color code them for easy identification. It can be used to create shopping list, to-do list,

conversations, etc.

Super Note: Voice Recorder can now be downloaded for FREE from App Store.


supernote: voice recorder super note: voice recorder

Hot deals on Sunday, 08 Jan 2012:


1. Piano Notes Pro (iPad only)

An app developed for both students and teachers to practice reading notes or teaching the classes. It comes with a wide range of controls, which makes learning piano interesting for beginners and an interesting game for experienced players.

Piano Notes Pro for iPad can be downloaded from App Store for free now. The usual price of this app is $2.99.


Piano Notes Pro Piano Notes Pro


Here are some of the Free and Noteworthy apps for the day.

1. AppStart
It's a fun way to find apps of your choice using a beautiful interface. AppStart app for iPhone is from and it helps both the novice users and the experienced ones to find interesting apps easily. It's free and can be downloaded from App Store by clicking here.

AppStart for iphone AppStart for iPhone
AppStart for iphone AppStart for iphone

Phishing emails are not new, most of us receive hundreds of emails from people claiming that we have won millions through lottery or Microsoft is giving away money, etc. The new such email is targeted on Apple users and is taking its round on the Internet. This new phishing email spreading around the Internet asking users to update their billing information and fool Apple users, stealing sensitive information such as credit card number, usernames and passwords.


This phishing email goes around with the subject, "Apple update your Billing Information" and is appeared to come from "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." which is the real email address that Apple uses to send emails regarding account information and  billing. Like any other phishing emails, this email is also very well crafted and looks so real.

Previously I talked about hidden features in iOS 5, Creating Location based reminders, Calendar app, iCloud, Speech-to-Text feature, etc. Now let us look another interesting feature in iOS 5, Custom Vibrations for your contacts. Custom Vibration is mainly meant for people who cannot read the iPhone screen or situations where you cannot look at the screen and see the caller ID displayed. Instead these unique vibrations act like a Hearing-Aid mode, that will tell you who is calling you.

Google released a new mobile application called Google Currents few days back. Google Currents, a free mobile application, is an attempt by Google to offer beautiful contents in an easily accessible way. If you have ever used Flipboard on iPad or iPhone, Google Currents is basically a take on it by Google to provide great contents for great audience. Basically it lets us explore online magazines and other contents from Internet in a beautiful interface, creating a personal magazine stores that travels with you.


google currents Google Currents

Previously I talked about hidden features in iOS 5, Creating Location based reminders, Calendar app, iCloud, Speech-to-Text feature, etc. One of the best improvements in Apple's iOS 5 is the enhancements in Camera app and the Photos app. With iOS 5, Apple has turned an iPhone like a real Point-and-Shoot camera.


1. Open Camera Directly From Lock Screen

With iOS 5, we can open the Camera app from the Lock Screen just by double tapping the Home button on our iPhone and we will never agian have to miss those unexpected moments.

ios 5 camera tips- camera from lock screen

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