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Computers, iPhone, iPads and other tech gadgets are amazing tools to make our life easier! But sometimes these gadgets can be hard to use and lead to endless frustration.

All these smart devices open up endless possibilities, like never before. We no longer need to sit in front of a computer to get our work done or to reach a friend or loved ones who live miles apart. The whole experience can be truly amazing.

The whole purpose of is to help you with these tech gadgets, help you solve the technical problems and answer your questions. It's my hobby and the satisfaction is purely from seeing how these simple things on this blog helps people around the globe.

You can ask me questions on the following:

    • On Computer problems
    • On iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices
    • On iPhone, iPads and other iOS apps and app reviews
    • On Microsoft Exchange, Windows Servers, Active Directory
    • On Networking and Network Security
    • On Computer Security and Privacy issues
    • Online Privacy and social media
    • And on any other technical stuffs, shoot them, if I can answer, I will. If I can't, I may at least give you other sources to get the information you need

Please Read:

I have a full time job and all other sorts of activities like dance and other art stuffs. So I may not be able to answer you immediately, but you will definitely get an answer in the shortest time possible.

Try Searching First:

Please provide more details, so I can help you:

First of all, I require a valid email address, so that I can contact you if needed. Please include as much information as you can when you submit a question to me, so that I can figure out your question and try to give you the best answer. If you need to send me any screenshot or other files, please state that in the message and I will reply to your email.

Terms & Conditions:

All answers, posts, tips you find on this blog or directed to you via email or otherwise are my opinions or suggestions purely from my own experience hence take it entirely at your own risk. Please note that I Cannot be held responsible for any actions you take with my answer.

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