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Thank you for clicking this URL in my Twitter Profile.

I'm Aneesh born and brought up in a beautiful village in Kerala, India. Unlike many of you in the western world, I wasn't lucky enough to experience technology at my young age. My interactions with computers started only in my late teens and it has been wonderful since then. Other than work, dance and arts, I love sharing technology tips in my personal blog, www.sarayoo.info.

Sarayoo (also saráyu) is a river that flows through Uttar Pradesh, a modern Indian State in the North. This river is of ancient significance, finding mentions in Vedas and Ramayana.

The name Sarayoo / Sarayu is the feminine derivative of the Sanskrit word sar "to flow" and also "that which is streaming". The idea of Sarayoo.info is "to flow" a stream of information, tips and ideas to make people's life easier with various technologies.

By Following me on Twitter @sarayooinfo, you receive latest updates and tips from my blog, www.sarayoo.info, that is intended to make your life with technology easier. My goal is to create contents that would help you solve problems with computers, iPhones, iPads, information security and other technology reated stuffs.

You can also find me on the following social media as well:

Facebook: sarayoo.info @ Facebook
Google Plus: sarayoo.info @ G+
RSS Feeds: sarayoo.info feeds
LinkedIn: aneesh @ LinkedIn


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