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Hot Deals: Today's Free iOS Apps - AirPhotoViewer, ShareCal and QRcode Magic

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Here are some of the interesting free iOS apps on App Store today. In case if you cannot install any of these apps because it is not available in your country, you may want to check out how to install apps from US App Store and Other Countries.

1. AirPhotoViewer

AirPhotoViewer is an app to share and view your photos from your PC on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All it needs a Wifi connection. You can also share photos with others on the same Wifi using AirPhotoViewer app.

Features Highlights of AirPhotoViewer

  • Allows to view photos from your PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch without syncing
  • Ability to show slideshow, thumbnails, zoom, etc.
  • Ability to download photos from your PC to your iOS device
  • You can also share your photos as a website (ability to access it from a web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

Using AirPhotoViewer:

In addition to downloading AirPhotoViewer on your iOS Device, you are also required to install AirPhotoViewer on your PC. You can download the app for PC from here (

The usual price of the app is $4.99. You can now download it from App Store for Free.


2. ShareCal

ShareCal is an app for all iOS devices that makes sharing your calendar events easier and simpler. All you need to do is to pick an event that you would like to share and choose how you want to share.

Features Highlights of ShareCal

  • Ability to share events with anyone via email or simply by bumping your phone with another ShareCal user
  • It uses the real calendar app on your iOS Device, so  you don't have to re-enter all your past events again
  • If you add a new event in ShareCal, it is automatically updated in your Calendar app on iOS Device
  • Ability to share multiple events at the same time

The usual price of ShareCal is $2.99. You can now download it from App Store for Free.


3. QRcode Magic

QRcode Magic simply does one thing - scan QR Codes. But it does it in a much simpler and easier way than many other apps out there. It can scan all sort of QR Code links, URLs, contacts, videos, etc. and save it in the history list, so that you can access it later.

The app has a very clean design and interface. All you've to do is to launch the app and target the code on the photo screen, it reads the code immediately. If the QR code you scan is a link, it will take you right there or if it is a message / text, the app simply displays it.

The usual price of QRcode Magic is $0.99. You can now download it for Free from App Store.

qrcode magicqrcode magic

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