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Hot Deals: Free iOS Apps- Voice Email: Speech to Text, Learn GarageBand and Tap-Translate

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I have been very busy in the past weeks with work and other personal stuffs. I wish to allocate more time to share cool stuffs with you all more often once I settle all those stuffs. For now, let's look at some of the hot deals in App Store today.

1. Voice Email: Speech to Text

Well, iPhone, iPad and other iOS 5 devices already has a dictation feature which works in almost all apps. But Voice Email: Speech to Text app is worth to try. The app is supported by Nuance Speech Recognition solution, one of the world's leading speech recognition solution providers. It supports 9 languages: English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German and Norwegian. You can compose messages by speaking in any of these languages and send it instantly. Voice Email: Speech to Text app also supports dictating punctuation.

The usual price of the app is $0.99. It's now sold Free in App Store.

2. Learn GarageBand in 30 Days

Like the name suggests, Learn GarageBand app teaches you how to use GarageBand, one of the very popular apps on both Mac and iOS devices which allows you to create music or podcasts. This app teaches you how to record, edit and modify  your own songs using GarageBand.

Learn GarageBand app helps you do the following;

  • To auto tune your voice
  • To create a song without knowing how to play music
  • To create a ringtone
  • To use the built-in  guitar, piano, synths and drums

The app provides 81 HD video lessons showing you how to setup and use external hardware, make and employ loops, and use Magic GarageBand, etc.

The usual price of the app is $4.99. It's now sold Free in App Store.

learn-garageband in 30 days learn-garageband in 30 days

3. Tap-Translate

Another cool iOS app! It lets you translate without switching from your Safari. You can simply Tap on word(s) and the app will translate the selected word(s). The app supports many languages such as Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, Hindi, Japanese, etc.

The usual price of this app is $9.99. It's now sold Free in App Store.

tap-translate for iPhone tap-translate for iphone

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